SMART GIRLS SESSIONS - Starting November 4, 2023!

Mission Statement

To provide a model of excellence, educational guidance and support to empower young ladies to become dynamic future leaders by living out the URBI values.

Vision Statement

Our program will provide young ladies with a safe place, educational workshops, team building concepts that will help them make life and career choices to help them lead a successful life.

About URBI, Inc.

URBI pronounced (Oor-Bee) means "Princess" in Swahili. This mentoring program strives to teach young ladies that they can be confident, respectful, visionary and dynamic leaders in their communities.

We offer discussion sessions, educational trips, college campus tours, community volunteering projects, financial planning seminars, and any other programs deemed reasonable and in the best interest of the group. We will strive to maintain the URBI value system of:


The state of being one group, not limited by our race, religion, or personal background. To strive to encourage and support each other.


To acknowledge each other's worth and never disrespect anyone's feelings. Allow them the freedom to express themselves without judgment.


To stress the importance of education and maintaining grades, also allow them opportunities to engage in fun activities like shopping trips, movies, etc.


To be able to offer a forum where information is shared to offer understanding about different life issues such as self-esteem, domestic violence, etc.

URBI, Inc. - Board of Directors

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Carla L. Bryant


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TiCara Boswell


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Gloria Cherry


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Antwan Brown